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Herald of Europe - The Magazine of European Culture, Politics and Development

It is a new magazine designed to examine, for readers from Europe and elsewhere, aspects of the development of Europe and its role in the world. The range of opinions represented in the magazine may well be opposing and even contradictory.

We envisage the magazine as a forum for the discussion of European politics, culture and development, polemics on the very essence of Europe, its role in the world and European values. To a certain extent these values have become universal and global.

On the other hand it is tempting to see Europe "from the edge of the field", to see it in all contradiction and danger that every new generation, new time and certainly new century brings.

The world today, and Europe, "cosy Europe", are certainly facing new challenges and new crises. To see these, to grasp identify and describe them are all aspirations of this magazine.

We are launching our magazine on the threshold of the newly enlarged fellowship, a European Union of 25 countries, on the brink of adopting a new European Constitution; this is, without doubt, an event of major historical importance the full significance of which we have yet to comprehend.

The creation of the world's largest economy, with a population of 500 million and vast combined resources offers immense possibilities. At the same time it has correspondingly large problems and contradictions.

We will try to pinpoint these issues. We should also bear in mind that these 25 countries do not represent the whole of Europe. We see our magazine as having world-wide appeal in the humble belief that an honest, bold, and unfettered view of Europe and from Europe might be interesting to people in other parts of the world.

We are not concerned about being politically correct.

We would like to become a publication that provokes - not violence, alienation, cynicism or confrontation, - but reflection and the formulation of new meanings and new values.